Thursday, March 22, 2007

German Court Places Custody of 5 Homeschooling Children with Government's Youth Office

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A German court in the eastern province of Saxony has revoked custody of five children from their homeschooling parents, placing the fate of the children into the hands of the Jugendamt, the local youth welfare office.

Although the children still remain with their parents, the Jugendamt may seize them forcibly at any time, as was the case with 15 year-old Melissa Busekros in Bavaria. Busekros was snatched by 15 police officers over 6 weeks ago to a psychiatric clinic in Nuremburg for "school phobia," and continues to remain separated from her family in an undisclosed location.

While the judge admitted that the Brause children were well-educated under the direction of the Philadelphia school, a German homeschooling umbrella organization, she accused the parents - both having college degrees - of abusing their children by denying them the benefits of the public school.

The judge complained the Brause children answered her with the same opinions of her father, concluding they lacked independent personalities. In the Busekros case, the Erlangen Jugendamt told the Bavarian court she was influenced too much by her father and thus had an underdeveloped personality.

Last I knew, Germany was a "Federal Republic", however this is clearly a socialistic maneuver by the German Federal Gov't.

If folks such the Honorable Thomas Zampino of the NJ Supreme Court have their way, this is the future of America as well.

We cannot simply sit back and relax while our freedoms, responsiblities, and children are wrestled away from us. If you are curious to know what your state's laws are regarding homeschooling, got to the Home School Legal Defence Association (HSLDA) website.

In the mean time, please pray for these families in NJ and Germany. Contact the authorities in the linked websites and express your concern. As long as the vocal minority has the loudest voice, the majority will be trampled under foot.

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